What does it cost to join the chapter?
The cost for new members is $25, which includes a membership pin (per MOMS Club International, as well as a new member packet). To renew annually, there is a $20 fee. As a member, you gain access to all events and activities (see Activities section).

What are my dues used for?
MOMS Club International charges $2/members as a registration fee.  Approximately $10-15 of your dues is directly and/or indirectly donated straight to the Mother2Mother Fund (an emergency fund for moms in need through MOMS Club International) and other charitable causes.  The remainder is used for parties/supplies and for other chapter expenses as needed.   All members vote on the use of Club funds at our monthly General Meeting.

How many members are in the Chula Vista/Eastlake Chapter of MOMS Club?
Our local chapter was founded in 2014 and is growing daily. We anticipate that most of the moms have kids between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old, but the demographics are constantly changing.

Who is invited to join the MOMS Club of Chula Vista/Eastlake?
If you are a mom of any age child, you are welcome to join! MOMS Club is about moms supporting other moms and no matter which stage of life you are in, as a mom, you can always use support. Most of the activities do occur during daytime hours but there are activities for moms to do without kids (i.e. Mom’s Night Out , Coffee Dates etc.) and activities primarily for kids (playgroups, field trips, etc.). However, kids are always welcome at every event – except Moms’ Night Out (nursing babies, welcomed). MOMS Club is best suited for stay-at-home moms or work-from-home moms, but any mom looking to connect with other moms is welcomed to join. There are, typically, 1-2 weekend events per month.


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